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Suzuki Japan

Suzuki Japan

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Suzuki Japan

  • Region: Japan
  • Languages: Japanese
  • OS: WinJapan
  • Quantity of CD: 2 CD
  • Date of update: 4/2008

Program Suzuki Japan (FAST for Windows) will consist of two CDs and contains the full information on spare parts on all models which were was issued for Japan. The environment of the program is similar Nissan Fast, the interface of the program and all names of details are executed in the Japanese language, dates, technical abbreviations and footnotes in English (for example, STD, 4WD, etc.). At work from CD the program will occupy 7Mb on the winchester, at full installation 583Mb. Except for the catalogue of spare parts the program contains the utility for an estimation of damage after collision (the list of spare parts subject to replacement).

The catalogue Suzuki Japan FAST for Windows contains the information on all right rudder to automobiles of Japanese company Suzuki. There is an opportunity at once to learn{*find out*} the price spare parts. The version of this catalogue, as well as many other catalogues for machines of the internal Japanese market, exists only in the Japanese language. However a picture are rather detailed, therefore to work with the program easily. The program SUZUKI JAPAN (FAST for Windows) uses the interface of program Nissan Fast so for working with catalogue Nissan all will be familiar. The instruction on installation and work is applied.

Right rudder automobiles. There is an opportunity to find out the price spare parts. The program in the Japanese language, but works under all versions Windows. For installation it is necessary to establish the Japanese language since names of install directories are written on Japanese in system. For work presence in system of the Japanese language unessentially.

AA34S CN32S DA52T-2 GA11S-3 HN11S-2 JB32W MC11S-2 TA11W
AA44S CR22S DC51T GA11S-4 HT51S JB32W-3 PG6SS TA51W-3
AH14S CT21S DC51T-5 HA11S JA11C JB33W TA01R
CL22V CT21S-4 EA11R HA11S-2 JA12W LB11S TA01R-2
CN21S DA32W EA21R HA12S JA12W-2 MA61S TA01R-5
CN22S-6 DA51T GA11S HA12S-2 JB23W MA63S TA01R-7
CN31S DA52T GA11S-2 HN11S JB31W MC11S TA02W

Suzuki Japan

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